This highly exclusive, custom-tailored One-on-One Co-Creation is designed for vision-driven individuals who may look “perfect on paper” but can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is missing. 

You may have the title, the paycheck, the house, and the car, but when you look in the mirror you know you were intended for more.

 You have BIG plans, BIG goals, and even BIGGER passions, but you can’t find or haven’t found the right support to get out of ideation and into purposeful action.

 I’m here to guide you out of the cycle of force and struggle to show you that you can release expectations, surrender demands, and simply be. Be love. Be light. And Be Fulfilled.

 You don’t have to choose between health, abundance, relationship, pleasure, or success. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL – you simply need someone who will guide your energetics into a state of EASE and FLOW.

 The beauty (and power) of One-on-One Co-Creation is it’s completely tailored to your unique needs.

Over the course of our co-creation, you’ll receive…

Up to 60 minutes of an Intuitive Soul Session with me, every week (Trust me I know, you’re busy so I’m here for you on a weekly basis for as long or as short as you need ;) )

Access to me via text message.

Weekly Energetic Immersion Sessions to explore your personal request for what you want to let go of and ultimately expand into.


Weekly Energetic Immersion Sessions to explore your personal request for what you want to let go of and ultimately expand into.

"I had an intuitive energetic intro session with Karynne and it made me believe in the power of energy specifically her unique pure love blend. I could physically feel the energy vibrating and moving through my sacral chakra, all the way to my throat chakra. I have needed the most support within those centers in my body. I did not communicate this to Karynne. She intuitively sensed where the stagnant energy in my body remained and successfully moved that energy.

 I experienced the purging of that stagnancy. My energy felt incredibly different after my session with Karynne. The only way I can explain it was there was a buzz around my aura. The week prior, I was a nervous wreck. After my session with Karynne, I felt grounded and in tune with my body. Karynne is a miracle worker. Her energy is so powerful and healing. She is simultaneously bubbly and grounding. It was a privilege to be able to work with her."

Hila Dayan
Creator of Wildest Expressions 

"Karynne is a miracle worker. Her energy is so powerful and healing."

“My urge was always to know. I needed to be able to check off every item on my list or I felt anxious until it was done. It was an uncomfortable way to live, but I didn't understand how to articulate it as a problem and therefore couldn’t find a solution. One of the many gifts I received working with Karynne was to trust her healing, without controlling the specific details. The change started during our first 60-minute intro session, where I had a profound breakthrough. I’m now able to step back and look at my entire week as expansion and tune into how I feel in order to see the shifts that come from her magic medicine. 

Throughout this on going process, now coming up on a year, I have also become more gentle with myself. I’ve built the trust to know that energy is always flowing to and for me, even when it isn’t scheduled in my calendar. When I feel the urge to ask when the healing is coming, I softly encourage myself to practice the art of receiving. It's so hard to put into words what Karynne has given me and how she's helped me, but to distill it down: I feel more like I want to feel. I didn't know it was possible to be this aligned!”

Bex Bassin
Leadership & Executive Coach

"I didn't know it was possible to be this aligned!"

“Energetic healings have been such a gift in my life! Karynne makes it so easy and accessible to tap into this gorgeous field of love and nourishment. Being a creator of a growing business and a busy mom of 4. I cherish her generous miraculous weekly healings!”

Keri Khalighi
Creator of Wisdom Elementals

"Energetic healings have been such a gift in my life!"

"Karynne was definitely a game changer for me. I began seeing her at a time I was growing my business and I knew I needed to shift. She guided me to get clarity on what it was I was desiring and then helped me expand and uplevel. I worked with Karynne on a weekly basis for a few months which helped tremendously since each session built upon the last until I was in full flow. Things changed as I changed, it was amazing. I’m so grateful for her multi dimensional support and her authentic desire to help me achieve my goals. I recommend her to anyone who’s ready to attract more in their life."

Angelica Sepulveda
Founder of Indigo Body Balance & Prana Body Botanicals

"Karynne was definitely a game changer for me."

“In my first session with Karynne, I walked away with the sensation of being reorganized physically, mentally and emotionally. It was as though order was restored inside of me. As my work with her progresses, it’s as if my vision has cleared and I’m able to see opportunities and resolve issues in ways, I couldn’t before. This work is powerful.”

Kristen Stills
Executive Producer, Grammy Winner of Autism: The Musical  

"This work is powerful.”

“You are effervescent medicine! With your cartoon knife that slices through delusions in the most delightful incisive way - you are a being of light and I adore you! Thank you for your guidance to work on expressing all of my RAGE!! And allowing my little girl tender heart more full expression. Energetic healing connects me to the Love that is always there waiting for me to remember and receive. I emerge energized, grounded, and ready to flow with whatever comes my way!.”

Ali Kegley Kole
Founder of Sensually Embodied

“You are effervescent medicine!"

"The best part of doing energy work with Karynne was feeling rejuvenated by an outside source. We are always having to energize ourselves through the new hottest energy drink- and dopamine hits from shopping sprees, or social media. Karynne reminded me that I’m able to receive energy without needed a physical item. Energy is all around us. When I didn’t have access to Karynne I resorted back to my old ways. But those were temporary band aids. Karynne was the overall healer. 

During my time working with Karynne, I was put under new management, I signed a record deal, and underwent some massive lifestyle changes to better my health. Mentally I was the strongest I’d been in 4 years after 4 weeks with Karynne.
She helped me regain my strength and see the many possibilities!"

Sophie Powers
Musician & Clothing Designer

"Through every wave of my wild journey Karynne was there for me!"

  "I can’t imagine not having the energy work in my life – it reminds me of who I truly am.

The growth and expansion is beyond words. I feel blessed to have worked with Karynne for many years. As a VIP client I expanded & became the woman I truly am. I then get to share that with my family (& my community) which is very important to me. She has been there through some intense life challenges. I feel like her energy work & guidance for me as a parent has helped me to break patterns for the benefit of the evolution of my kids.

”Having her do energy work with my three of kids weekly plus my 4 year old grandchild has been an important part of our family expansion. As it ripples out to our whole community. Especially with my 12 year old daughter who is Autistic - she will sing after receiving energy sessions which this not a usual occurrence with her. She has found a new peace in her life, as we all have.”

Lisa Totenhagen
Single Mama of Five Amazing Beings

"Working with Karynne has been the best investment I've ever made!"

"Working with Karynne through the Energetic Immersion sessions allowed me to stay sane and focused on receiving my dreams during a very full, chaotic period – my husband’s new retirement, putting our house on the market, finding and buying our dream home, and being there for my son who was going through a major life crisis. Life was beyond full! 
Each week, I sent Karynne a specific intention to receive. The process served to ground me in the fact that I was never alone, and I didn’t have to succumb to any stories of hopelessness around receiving my heart’s deepest desires. I managed to enjoy my life because I stayed present for the delicious things that were unfolding. A big one: manifesting our dream home, and in just the right timing! Normally, under such “upper limit” circumstances, I would have crashed and burned, unable to be with all the chaos, but I stayed well throughout, which feels miraculous. I am so grateful for the support of Karynne and her loving, energetic magic!"

Keri Lehmann
Master Love Coach & Author

"Energetic Immersion sessions allowed me to stay sane and focused."

“Miracles are unfolding...”