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These Energetic Immersion sessions are designed for empathic trailblazers who know they’re meant to live a life of alignment and vitality and operate in the luscious home of peace. Because here’s the reality: once you learn to receive, you stop operating from strategic “shoulds”, and instead are guided by your heart’s true desire.

Once you connect with this deep source of groundedness, nourishment, liberation, and peace, you come home to yourself. In other words, you relax into safety in your body, mind, and spirit because you’ve tapped into the sanctuary of your soul. Although it isn’t sunshine and flowers, all the time, it is life-changing (!!!) – especially when explored with the help of a trusted and loving guide.

The Energetic Immersion sessions send a constant flow of liberating energy to you if you’re looking to whisk away any and everything that doesn't serve you; things like self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-sabotage. In this weekly Energetic Immersion, I will clear a path for pure, loving energy to flow so you're restored, inspired, and ready. Simply put: I'll take care of the behind-the-scenes energy work so you can be in the present moment.


The Energetic Immersion sessions are designed to tap into your desires for the week– all you have to do is learn the practice of receiving. You’ll get...

Daily removal of constrictive energies so you are restored back to pure love. (All the benefits of my foundational offer, The Healing Tray.)

PLUS, a weekly “deep dive” into your personal request for what you want to let go of and ultimately expand into.


What is an Energetic Immersion Session?

A full mind, body, and spirit scan that can give you access to an immediate energetic uplevel or boost.

A designated space to be mindful of what you want to release so you can live a life of purposeful passion.

Connection with your abundance on all levels – financially, relationally, romantically, in health, and beyond.

A practice of releasing the demands you put on yourself and others so you can create the life you truly want to live.

Clarity on what you want your life to “feel” like as opposed to “look” like.

An opportunity to feel a spark of inspiration, creativity, and realignment.

You will deepen & learn…

How to receive love and drop the old stories that aren’t serving you.

How to receive grace, beauty, peace, ease, joy, and fun.

Powerful energetic practices to increase your vitality, creativity, and abundance.

How to embody your divinity and magnetize your desires with ease.

How to begin to listen to your inner guidance and trust it.

How to embrace more vitality that is customized to your unique desires.

If you’re ready to be infused with love, feel more pleasure, and step into the best version of your powerful self while honoring your vulnerability and authenticity, then this offering is for you!


Feel inspired in your life, relationships, business, and parenting

Live a life of flow instead of rigidity

Access more creative energy

Harness more physical energy

Step into greater confidence

Finally feel seen, held, and completely certain that you are enough

Cultivate the ability to speak your truth

You know the healing is working when…

You notice that you want to come from a place of love and intuition more than needing to analyze, control every detail, or be right.

You feel a sense of peace and calm in situations that used to feel constrictive or tense.

An obstacle appears, you are curious vs reacting like a victim. You stop wondering, “Why is this happening to me?!

You connect more easily with joy and happiness.


Your spirit feels lighter, inspired, and loving yourself starts to become your natural response to life.